only if u watch korean dramas u will understand wat i mean lol

Am I the only one who has always dreamed of living in one of those nice classy condo’s shown in kdramas?


All I have to do is move to Korea, “accidentally” either get hit with a rich attractive dude’s car or break his window, have him take me back to his place for some odd reason, and have some shit happen where somehow I end up living there. 

That’s how it works…right?


73 comments on “only if u watch korean dramas u will understand wat i mean lol

  1. Yep…that’s how it works…in the drama…but not the real life…lol…anyway, Kdrama is really nice and if the storyline is good, I really love those long long episodes…lol…just a few months ago, I finished watching 4-5 dramas in a row (using my phone)…lol…great feeling~

    • i know right …i wish if it was in real life 😦 wow really so ur into Korean stuff too lol… i’m watching school of 2013 and glass mask they’re both really good …the story line is Awesome….:)

  2. Oh oh~ another drama by jang na ra…i love most of her drama…in fact, the last drama with her in it was with Daniel Choi (Baby-face beauty), did you watch this?

    Thank you for the recommendation~ I will check it out…hehe… the other one looks a little dark…but I will check it out too….thank you. Cheers!! 😀

    • omg !!! yes i watch baby-face that’s the first drama i seen her in and then she was in drama called protect the boss…she’s really great actor lol….oh u mean glass mask? yup it about evil twin sis

      • No~ No~ the lady in protect the boss is Choi Kang Hee…I’ve to admit that she looks quite like jang na ra as both are very fair-skinned ladies…I first saw her in My Sweet City but I prefer her image in Protect the Boss…hehhe…

      • damn all this time i thought jang na ra was the one in protect the boss…i feel stupid now lol >_< the only reason why i watched protect the boss was cuz of (hero from JYJ <3)

  3. It is okay…I’m always mistaking this artist from that artist and I erred so much that my bro and sis would start googling whenever I say…”oh…this is xxx who starred in yyy drama/movie” instead of believing me (there is a story behind it but it is way too long to explain…lol)…sad… 😦

    • yh it happens to me too since i start watching dramas before i only listing to kpop …sometimes i just Google the dramawiki and see if i’m right lol..but realtalk most of Korean girls look so much alike maybe it’s the plastic surgery 😀

      • Yeah…perhaps this is also the reason why I am not able to recognize the faces whenever they are in groups unless the individual came out to do a movie, drama or variety show. Just a few weeks ago, my baby sis and I spent 4 hours watching the latest MAMA on TV because we were determine to know a few KPOP groups by their faces and not names…it was fun, but stressful…lol

      • i used to have hared time too but i’m in kpop world for like 9 years (since i was 10 years old) so i know all the kpop groups and almost all their names since i watch to much TV shows like ( hello baby-runing man-start king-strong heart-famillly outing and more lol…)

    • every ep i have new favorite i can’t choose 😛 but i think running man wouldn’t be this fun without grasshopper(Yoo Jae Suk ) and tiger(Kim Jong Gook) HBU??who’s ur fav??

  4. Actually I quite pity the EASY brothers….especially the giraffe…and hope he would win during each race…but he tend to become the ‘traitor’ role and I don’t really know if I should like him or angry with his behaviour…I kinda like it when he did things to jong gook and then quickly apologize…lol…

    • hahahahah something about giraffe makes u never HATE him even thou he traitor his team like in every ep lol…for sure jong gook would had killed him if he didn’t apologize …i love the random parts when haha starts acting like he’s actor in movie and does some funny shits 😀

      • Did you watch the drama ‘Dongyi’?? It is via this drama I got to know of giraffe and thus when I first watched Running Man, he was the only actor I knew of during that time…perhaps this is also one reason why I am supporting him (inside my heart…lol)…

      • oh i know about that drama but i didn’t watch it i dk y ??
        is it good ??i think the first drama i seen him in was called Here He Comes or here he comeback??…

  5. It is a long-episode imperial drama, the only imperial Kdrama I’ve ever watched (I tried to watch Dae Jang Geum but gave up in the end even though it was a popular drama during that time)…it may be quite boring during the first few episode but later when she met the king, the interesting part began…of course, the giraffe is one of the joker in this drama…lol

    • Dea jang Geum ?? it’s my first time hearing about it X(
      the only history dramas that i watch are (goon,princess hour,time slip dr. jin,queen in hyun’s man and i’m still crazy about that drama and faith starting Lee Min Ho my all time oppa lol….OFC wat else would giraffe be good at lol

    • oh well he is okay too 🙂 i seen him in dream high se1…..yh i know her she’s the lady from I do I do and she get’s pregnant for Lee Jang Woo lol 😀 ummm my favourite fem is Park Min Young from city hunter or as some Korean ppl say it shity hunter lol

  6. Yes, you are correct! Did you watch ‘Scent of a woman’ by her as well? Love both the female and male cast…hmm…I haven’t watch any drama by Park Min Young, even for City Hunter, I’ve only watched the 1st episode…lol…

    • yes that’s the first drama i get to know her in and then she was in i do i do….OMG i k 😛 umm Park Min Yuoung was also in ( time slips Dr. Jin , Man of Honor with Lee Jang Woo from I Do I Do )

  7. Oh I see…then you should watch My Lovely Samsoon because she has fatten herself just for this drama…so, when I first see her, she is a fat lady and I am glad she’s back to her pretty self. Hmm…i will try to watch some of the drama by Park Min Young as well…hehe…

    • hahah really so was she really fat ?? but in the lest 2 dramas she looks really pretty for her age lol….yh u should watch city hunter or man of honor she is really good with the romance and her acting is really good ^^

  8. From local bookstore…it is in Chinese and the storyline in the novel is much longer and more interesting than the drama (but you will need to watch the drama before reading so that you can feel the goodness in it)…after reading the novel, it is just reading some fanfiction of this drama…hehe

    • awwww really i wish there was local bookstore near me 😦
      then i’m make my self watch the drama starting tomorrow oops it’s 3:44 AM so that means it already tomorrow lol

      • OMG~ It is already so late over there? Hey gal, why aren’t you in your sweet dreams? It is now 5:50 p.m. here…gosh~ you better go and get your beauty sleep, there are more opportunity for us to chat…hehhe

      • yh i live in Minnesota 😛 for some reason i don’t feel sleepy maybe cuz i was sleeping in the afternoon for like 6 hours i didn’t have any classes today or tomorrow (today) lol

  9. Oh…that is around 14 hours difference…i tot the time difference is 12 hours between singapore and usa…you are really one energetic lady…how I wish I was younger

  10. I think around 10 years ago (ok…now I really feel old)…and that is the time she took to regain back her original size because after that drama, the subsequent dramas or movies she did were still not as slim as “scent of the woman” and “i do i do”…

    • wow that’s long time ..maybe i woun’t like how they look that much lol….nah i’m sure ur not but by the way how old are u feel free to not answer ^_^

  11. It is 10:53 p.m. now…oh..don’t you know?? As according to the Mayan calendar, 21st Dec 2012 is supposed to be the end of the world…so, I am curious to see what will happen (hopefully nothing bad)…so, if I’ve managed to survive the end of the world, I will keep you informed…. 😀

    • my mom thinks i’m going crazy laughing by myself lol 😀
      and when we are in 3rd September 2015 they will change it to August 16 2030

      • I firmly believe if mankind is still good…the prophecy would never ever come true…so that is why positive thoughts are important. If everyone’s thought is positive enough…the frequency around us will be positive…hehehe…

        PS: Stop laughing crazily to yourself…

      • i know but it’s just funny how they came up with 2012 will be the end of world ….i wanna know who come up with this lie lol….

  12. If I’ve remembered correctly, those ppl who studied the Mayan calendar noticed that the record of the calendar ended on this day…but then again, they later clarified that it was their mistake and the calendar did not end on this date…so, let’s just see how…

    • lol then once every 10 years they will say the calendar will end at this day …..but it’s only when god say it so for now let them saying shits and stuff they want

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