teeeeeeeeexting meeeeeeeeee. hoooooooly shiaaaaaaaaat. Every single day, I get either a “hey” or “wassup” from this reaaaaaally annoying classmate. HE’S SO ANNOYING. Everytime I used to walk pass him in the hallways, he’d be like “hey, why don’t you ever text me” & I’m just like “Uh, idk..” then now when we finish high shool and we don’t even see each other .. guess what he does? TEXTS ME, LOOOL. I never once texted him back in my whole life and still, he won’t ever give up. Shouldn’t it have alrdy gone through his head that I don’t wanna txt him? Oi buk ha meungggggggggg! Man, this guy is a soldier. HAHAHHAH!!


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