Questions that made me awake lastnight . . . .


Why does every conversation turn into an argument?
Why is everything I do, not good enough?
Why am I not pretty enough for anyone?
Why do people think I’m such a slut, when I’m still a virgin?
Why do people hate me, when they don’t know me?
Why do I always feel alone?
Why does no one truly understand?
Why does no one love me?

Why does no one care … … … 



9 comments on “Questions that made me awake lastnight . . . .

  1. Well, as you’ve mentioned ‘They don’t know me’, so if they don’t know you and still hate you, there is no reason you need to be bothered about their hatred, right?

    Do cheer up a little and trust me, you are not alone…. have a nice day!! 😀

  2. You’re very welcome.

    Of course, I am sure it is difficult not to bother (I’ve been there before)…you have a long way ahead of you gal….life will be harsher when you are in the society…so do take this opportunity to learn to let it go a little…

    Cheers~ 😀

    • hahahahh ur right i still got long way ahead of me 🙂 i’m try my best …anyways thanks for the adv ^^ do u main if i ask ur name ???

      • You’re very welcome~ I was afraid that you might be turned off by my ‘nagging’…lol…yes, do always try your very best and you will know you are at your best…hehe…

        Of course I don’t mind…my name is Wendy, nice to meet you!! 😀

      • nah it was really GOOD ADVs made me cheer up little bit thanks!! i’m Nurah nice to meet ya Wendy 🙂 🙂

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